The Team


Rod Neale - CEO and Stakeholder

In 1990 Rod was doing work at a distribution warehouse that had just lost a contract with a printer manufacturer. The company had left 10 pallets of stock behind which was destined to be scrapped and seeing an opportunity Rod paid £100 for the 10 pallets. Having no computer knowledge at all he turned the £100 investment into £5000 and the light was ignited for the company to follow.

Today Rod runs his company with the same attitude as it first started and that is the harder you work the luckier you become and there is no replacement for solid commitment to a goal. Rod's fuel is only personnel challenge to succeed and while money is a great by-product it has never been his motivation. What is more important to him is the fact that he has already achieved far more than he could have dreamed and along the way gained good admiration from his peers and people he respects. His only task now is to stop moving the personal bar of what is deemed as success and to balance his life better, anything else life brings will be a bonus.

Lawrence Best - Global Sales Director and Stakeholder

In 2007 Lawrence was brought into A2C with a view to absorbing everything about how the company works.
Lawrence already had the right mentality and skills for the business having spent time in the City of London on a trading floor and so it was not long before Lawrence was the main driver behind A2C vast sales channel.

Lawrence's customers know that while he is at heart a salesperson he also carries forward the integrity of the way A2C does business and as such he walks the line between achieving maximum sales for the company and being a good friend and partner to somebody buying the company's stock.

He became Sales Director in 2013 and is in the process of expanding the company's sales channels to be able to absorb the ever increasing amount of stock arriving. He regularly works a 14 hour day and sees the growth of A2C as a personnel challenge and likes the fact that he has found a place to work that no longer feels like he is actually going to work.

Simon De Gruchy - Director of Operations and Stakeholder

Simon joined the company in 2004 in Business Development and has held many major roles during the company's growth. The sign of that skill spread came in 2013 when Simon was made Operations Director with the entire UK office operations under his direct control.

Simon is originally from Zimbabwe and as such has been key in the development of the company's sales channels in Africa and surrounding territories and regularly promotes the company's activities on trips to South Africa.

In 2005 Simon was solely responsible for gaining the company's ISO certification at 9001 and 14001 and has maintained the company's direction to align with these certifications as well as all parts of the WEEE directives. Simon's work ethic and attention to detail as well as his man management skills make him a perfect part of the A2C Company management team and in operations it is the part that makes all the rest possible.


Sean Taylor - Financial Director and Stakeholder

Sean began his career working for several firms of Chartered Accountants, primarily in accounts and audit, but also covering areas of payroll, VAT and tax. Armed with this experience and knowledge Sean easily adjusted into the role of a company accountant. Sean joined A2C in 2009, with the responsibility of overseeing all financial aspects of the company.

In a company sometimes focussed and driven by "the deal" Sean is the voice of logic and calculations and can be relied upon to drill down to the bare facts to prove or disprove the financial implication of "the deal".


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Sue Neale - Company Secretary and Stakeholder

Behind every good man there is an even greater woman. The rudder through all the early days when any company is looking for traction. The thankless task of having to be all things, to all people, all of the time.

Drive the fork-lift, do the accounts, make a good impression to these people, help pack these boxes, talk to them people nice, be the receptionist, the PA, the 'Mother Hen' to staff and finally always be strong for the company during those early days, over 25 years ago when the company was still trying to decide what it was in a new and dynamic changing arena.

Sue did those and Sue does those. Her personality is what most suppliers and customers remember and once met there became a second reason all itself why A2C stayed on the path of success. Sue has the ability to cut to the chase and keep it real and will be the most unpretentious person you ever have the privilege to meet while at the same time will charm you with her calm, class and common sense.

Farooq (Bilal) Nawab - Director of UAE Operations and Stakeholder

Bilal joined the team in 2006 by opening up an opportunity to create a direct link for stock channeling into the UAE. His drive, ambition, work eithic and loyalty have lead his efforts to creating a successful link for A2C UK into a prime geographic location for used IT stocks. 

From its foundations in a small warehouse, Bilal now has control over a multi location setup with a dedicated team of IT refurbishers as well as a retail and wholesale market channel for the stock that he receives. Without Bilal this operation would not be possible and he has become one of the key influencers in the A2C operation.

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Sebastian Iglinski - European Sales

Sebastian joined the company as a warehouse operative when we were located in our small warehouse in Liss. It soon became apparent that his enthusiasm and work ethic afforded him the opportunity to take over the role of warehouse manager during a transition stage in the company, a position that proved his value to the company.

He has sinced taken a further step up to becoming an assistant in the sales department with a focus on the European markets.

Hanif Ahmad - UAE Sales

Hanif has been with the UAE facility almost since it's beginning working from a small warehouse in Ras Al Khamah where he refined his skills as a shop trader. His loyalty and commitment are emulated in all of his daily activities in the company. He brings a natural charm that makes his customers and colleagues feel confident and at ease.

Hanif has developed his sales team from the ground up and now works as one of the key trading revenue generators for operations in the UAE.

Anyone wishing to contact Hanif can do so by emailing on the below link.


Justin Zirkle - USA Procurement

Justin had been selling stocks to A2C for many years and through that had gained a high experience in exactly what stocks where needed for all the A2C sales channels. When the situation arose for A2C to need somebody working on procurement within the US both sides knew it was the right choice to make.

Justin has his own personal goals to fulfil and the nature of growth within the A2C company makes a lot of common ground in the challenge from both sides.

His role is be to bring opportunities and deals to the A2C table and to work directly with all the A2C locations to develop the much needed relationships that will lead to success.

Anyone wishing to contact Justin about a possible opportunity then please do so at the below email link.

Conrad Mohr - Business Development Executive

Conrad joins us having spent the majority of his career from within the CE trading environment. He has over 25 years of experience and success growing new business opportunities from grassroots to fruition. A2C was looking to expand it's strategic width and with Conrad it is felt that we have acquired a new visonary to help us acheive our growth plans.

Anyone wishing to contact Conrad and discuss all manner of business and projects can do so by emailing him directly from the below link.


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Stephen Haskew - Strategic Commercial Manager

With experience dating back over 25 years in the used IT industry, and having been involved in the formation of one of the world's first ITADS, Stephen brings valuable added experience and management width to the team.

Not only has he the necessary skillset in this industry, but he has a wealth of entrepreneurial skill and leadership developed in other relevant areas of the technology sector, as well as more diverse industry sectors like fund management (equity and debt) and real estate.

His background and diversity will allow A2C to break free from traditional moulds within a rapidly evolving industry, and explore new opportunities which strategically benefit A2C's Global branding, and will help provide the foundations for the future.