What We Do

We have been trading in volumes of I.T equipment for over 20 years.

  • Used Ex Lease Desktops, Laptops and LCD.

  • Ex Demo I.T Projects

  • BER and Customer Returned Repair Projects

  • Ex Set Top Box Hard disks Drives

  • Tablet and Smartphone stocks

We are a financially strong company with the ability to purchase the largest projects and have solid relationships with suppliers worldwide, relationships built on long term trust and mutual goals. Our success is built around the philosophy of common goal and an understanding of achieving success for our partners whether a leasing company or manufacturer the goal is the same and that is to sit the same side of the table. Only then can the relationship be considered 2 ways with a common goal for both.

We have solid and long term sales channels which combined with our cash strength we leverage to allow for stocks to be bought and sold with seamless effect no matter where in the world they originate from, geography is just a question of transport time and costs which have never been a barrier to success. With our headquarters in the UK and locations in the UAE, South Africa and the USA we can facilitate stock movements to and from these channels minimising the time constraints to trade.

Having been in this business since its conception we have learnt that integrity, honesty and good delivery of timely services is a much better investment than short term thinking with the focus purely on profits. Short term profits may well bring a larger short term reward however if we can make a partner invest in us as a company then the reward will be both long term and in the end far more beneficial to our company growth.

Our sales channels run through every continent and we have a name in the industry of under promising and over delivering. With the value of some transactions our customers have to know that when a deal is agreed there is no doubt that the stocks we deliver will be as per communication. Our customers need to know that we value their business as much as we value our own or how can we ask them to repeat business with us.

On both sides of the transaction whether we are buying stocks or selling them our view is the same and that is that all parties need to make profits and all parties need to conclude a deal with a sense of achievement, this makes any next deal all the easier for all parties concerned...