Our Approach

Our company has been involved in the large scale trading of Ex Lease, Ex Demo and customer returned I.T equipment for over 25 years. We have seen market trends come and go and have traded everything since 1Mb 30 pin memory modules now up to Tablet Computers, Gaming Equipment and Smartphones. The technology may change but the lesson is always the same and that is "Without supplier relationships we are just a company with a large database of worldwide buyers but nothing to sell"

We have grown into a solid and financially stable company and as such our priority above all others today is to build upon the foundations we have with an ever increasing client base of suppliers. Suppliers that value the fact that we understand their problems and goals and acknowledge the element that they too are likely to have a client to satisfy.

Nobody is going to deny that all parties need to make profits but each circumstance must be right for both parties and as such our approach is to lower our expectations for financial reward and be willing to work with our suppliers to make both parties get what they need. We need a constant flow of stocks to satisfy our worldwide customer base and you, the supplier, needs to know that somebody is paying you what works for you long term and what you consider to be fair market value.

In creating the right atmosphere for business together we hope to make a long term investment in your company, the resulting long term business we will do will far out way the short term gain we lose and we will both benefit in so many other ways going forward.

We as a company are not pretending that we are re-inventing the wheel but in a world fuelled by trading, brokering and deals it may come as a refreshing change to have the company that usually negotiates from an opposite position to be sitting the same side of the table as you with a view to making all parties concerned satisfied.