Why A2C

For over 20 years A2C has known one key fact about sales within this industry.

When the customer overseas opens the pallet or container make them happy to have done business with us..

Then and only then will he trust you enough to send you large amounts of money from thousands of miles away time after time after time. They need to know that their investment is safe and they need to be confident enough in our company to already know what the stocks will look like before they have even arrived in their warehouse. They can sell the stock before it arrives, they can plan the stocks before they arrive, they can invest the profits and they can plan ahead all before the stocks arrive and maybe even before they have even left the A2C warehouse.

This fact and only this fact will drive a relationship between us forward.Price and many other facts are also important but nothing more than the trust of delivering exactly what we sell to you.
A2C is the largest privately held company in Europe whose only activity is the export of Used I.T Assets.15 years ago there were thousands of companies, 10 years ago there were still hundreds, today there is only a handful and out of those there is only a limited number that concentrate only on Export Trade Sales. The fact that we are still exporting stocks and have experienced major company growth is proof that we pride ourselves on keeping our old customers while attracting new ones.

Our loyalty is particularly strong with our long term customers. Many times we are asked to give a special deal because somebody is a new customer. Our philosophy is that it is our old customers who have helped us build our company to what it is now deserve our focus far more than a new customer and it is to them that we extend our greatest support both with the prices we sell at and the priority of offers of stock available. New business is great but we do not desire it over customers who have provided us with long term support and if you were a long term customer then we believe that attitude is what you would expect from us.

We are a large company but we are small enough to care, to care about what matters to you the customer, to care about your problems of import and to care about your local market conditions. We are a large enough company to be able to bring you volumes of stocks but we are small enough for every deal to be carried through from the initial sale to shipment with attention to detail at every stage.You will be sold stock with a complete honest factual description and any changes from order to shipment you will be advised of. How the stock is packed, where it is packed, what is at the front of the container what is at the back, how many units per pallet and the information available on the packing list or invoice. All these parts we have built a process for and all these parts will be repeated to every customer time and time again.

We invite you to grow your own business on the back of what we have achieved, what we have learnt and what we can bring to your business in your local region. If you need local references then we can provide them. If you wish to visit us then providing a deal is already agreed then you are welcome. We have no interest in your money for monies sake, just your on-going trade and business through which both companies can continue to grow through the availability of our used ex lease stocks in volume.