Our Precision Factory

We have created our own marketplace and standard by becoming the first Secondary Equipment Manufacturer (SEM) in the IT industry.

The worlds first factory built for the sole purpose of repurposing laptop stocks

It took over 4 years and more than $3M to realise the dream we had back in 2013 - of creating the best repurposing facility in the world. One designed to produce over 15,000 units of stock per month, with capacity capable of rising to over 50,000 per month by 2020. 

Our onsite accommodation exceeds all regular standards, and we’re proud to be the only computer remanufacturer to have had a deep dive social audit by the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), maintaining the highest levels of ethical working conditions. Alongside our onsite cricket, badminton and other leisure facilities, we also ensure that meals, laundry, healthcare and travel are provided for our team by the business. 

It was a stipulation of the company owners – that whenever we had visiting guests, that the staff accommodation and facilities should be a shining example of the ethos of the entire company, and should be the first place to be visited, inspected and held accountable.