Sustainable Supply

Together we will change the way the world buys IT. Todays PC and laptop products can do almost anything required in the modern day office, but you already know that. This is why you created your company in the first place, to satisfy the growing demand from customers for a quality product, sold with warranty and support. Finding the right dependable stock supply is the one thing that will drive your business forward, and allow you to concentrate on the more important, bigger picture. You have just found it….

A2C Services, designed for you

We are the worlds first Secondary Equipment Manufacturer (SEM), designed to deliver the product you need to supply your growing sales channel. With over 150 engineers located in our purpose built facility, and with over 15,000 units per month production capacity, we are here to supply your monthly, weekly or daily product demands. 


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Our Production Facility


Means you dont have to

Built on over 150,000 sq feet of land, and with over 200 staff, we are perfecting the art of supply and demand at the grade ordered, at the volume you require and always on time.


Precision factory

A Stable Supply


Means Stable Growth


Holding such vast volumes in stock, it means we can guarantee supply months ahead, allowing you to plan your marketing and advertising channels in advance. No more on and off supply - based on whether you can keep buying the same models, from different sources, or at different grades and specifications. 

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